Welcome to CES South Africa (Pty) Ltd

For tailor-made Carbon & Energy Solutions that turn challenges into opportunities

How is Climate Change affecting your business?

  • Is your business experiencing more and more limitations to the use of essential resources such as water and energy as a result of rising electricity prices, interrupted energy-supply and water-shortages?
  • Are you experiencing a growing number of environmental regulations, standards and other legal requirements that your business needs to comply with?
  • Is it clear to you how the planned implementation of the carbon tax will impact your business and to what extent?

CES South Africa (CES) offers strategic carbon and energy solutions enabling you to turning these challenges into opportunities for your business:

  • by reducing your demand for costly energy-sources and by increasing your energy supply security;
  • by helping your business to remain compliant so that you can continue to focus on your core business-activities;
  • by assisting you to reduce your carbon tax liability;
  • by assisting you with developing initiatives to generate carbon-credits and carbon-offsets;
  • by collating and submission of your business' emissions- and energy consumption data in response to new legal requirements.

Why choose CES?

  • because the team is professional, reliable and passionate
  • because we have extensive experience in working with large corporations as well as small- and medium- enterprises
  • because we offer tailor-made solutions
  • because we value our clients' individual needs
  • because through our support our clients can continue focusing on their core-business processes